Master's programme

Poutama Pounamu is able to offer Master's papers that build on your learning and participation in the Blended Learning.

Completion of all elements of the Blended Learning is a prerequisite to this pathway and also eligibility to a University Bursary is available for those who undertake the Summer School paper. This paper (EDUCA 504-24X) draws directly on your Blended Learning journey, your learning alongside your Ākonga, and your next steps, individually and collectively.

Every Master's pathway is tailored to the individual, and potentially includes papers you have already gathered. We will support you to determine the pathway that is best for you, and to guide you through the admissions process.

Please contact us directly to discuss the options available to you. You can email us at:

For Cohort 4 (commenced 2020) , Cohort 5 (commenced 2021), Cohort 6 (commenced 2022) and Cohort 7 (commenced 2023).

Cohorts 1-3
Please note that anyone who has completed as part of cohorts 1 to 3 is still eligible – please contact us directly for details.