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Critical Research leading education reform in New Zealand

  • Key Content

    In this animation we consider what we now understand from more than twenty years of research working with school leaders and teachers. These understandings are capable of reforming schools so that all students can learn and achieve for the future with their cultural identity strong and secure.

  • Things to Think About

    Conversation framework

    1. The Treaty of Waitangi, our nations founding document prioritises bicultural partnerships. What are the implications for our students, when, as a country we do not explicitly prioritise the Treaty and bicultural partnerships?
    2. The animation suggests we all have an important stake in this work if we are to address the social issues in our country. How are you currently contributing? What new areas do you need to learn about? Why? What support would you require?
    3. This research has largely been focused on Māori students, in what ways can it contribute to the current policy focus on all students? Why do you think this?
    4. Watch the video of Rawiri Manley speaking at the Ka Hikitia Effectiveness Report launch. In what ways does his presentation add to this animation?

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