Video 9: Reflect and evaluate

  • Key Content

    This video describes student-centred assessment processes which encourage the engagement, reflection and evaluation of their learning journey and the finished project. Students actively share their work with their peers, teachers and the school community.

  • Things to Think About

    Conversation framework for those new to Kia Eke Panuku:

    1. Discuss the learning opportunities for all stakeholders when involved in the sharing of a learning journey through the presentation of the students’ finished project.
    2. Discuss the ways students were supported to achieve their goals and share, reflect and evaluate their learning and ideas through dialogue with their teachers.
    3. Thinking about the vision of Ka Hikitia (Māori students enjoying and achieving educational success as Māori), how did the evaluation process enhance the mana of the students and their whānau/community?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku schools:

    1. Discuss the ways the carefully constructed formative assessment and evaluation process supported a culturally responsive pedagogy of relations.
    2. How did the evaluation and assessment process empower students to refine their critical literacies and ako?
    3. How did the evaluation and review process enhance the identity of students and provide an opportunity for them to share their learning with whānau/community?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku Strategic Change Leadership teams

    1. Consider how and why the student - led evaluation and review process was critical to the success of a culturally responsive and relational approach to pedagogy?
    2. Thinking about your role in supporting culturally responsive pedagogy in your school context, how could these student-centered evaluative practices be implemented in your school?
    3. How might you use notions of transformative leadership to develop ideas for student / community centred evaluation in your practice at classroom, department and school level?