Video 7: Interdependent learners

  • Key Content

    This clip describes how students respond to a classroom environment that requires them to be interdependent learners. The students find this culturally responsive environment rewarding and find this approach impacts positively on their learning.

  • Things to Think About

    Conversation framework for those new to Kia Eke Panuku:

    1. What are your responses to this clip? What did you see and hear that surprised you?
    2. What confirmed or extended what you already know and understand about culturally responsive and relational contexts for learning?
    3. This clip raises notions of interdependence within shared roles and responsibilities. Share and discuss your understanding of the key differences between independent learning and interdependent learning relationships?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku schools:

    1. What confirmed or extended what you already know and understand about effective pedagogy for Māori students?
    2. Adults across this school community became involved in students’ learning in (and beyond) the classroom. What are the potential connections between the ideas in this clip and activating educationally powerful connections with whānau, hapū and iwi?
    3. How might this clip support conversations within your department / school around listening to and learning from students?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku Strategic Change Leadership teams:

    1. What are the key messages in this clip for strategic change leaders?
    2. Who else in your school community might you use this resource with to create opportunities for transformative praxis? How would you use it?
    3. What elements of Kia Eke Panuku theorising about leadership for social change that specifically supports this kind of restructuring of power relationships? Consider the Leadership Dimensions brochure.