Huria Marae

Ko Mauao me Pūwhenua ngā maunga
Ko Tauranga te moana
Ko te Waikareao te kete kai
Ko Takitimu te waka
Ko Ranginui te iwi
Ko Tamateapokaiwhenua te tangata
Ko Ngāi Tamarāwaho te hapū
Ko Huria te marae

  • People have helped me all the way through just recognising the potential that I never saw myself. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would almost have Level 3 with Excellence I wouldn’t have believed them. These people have helped me to recognise what I actually am capable of achieving.
  • She sat down with me and looked through my grades and my NCEA and how I was achieving, and my attendance at school, and then gave me advice on how I can do further study. They helped and offered me heaps of opportunities.

  • I was disconnected from my culture for a long time, and it wasn’t until my Year 9 Māori teacher, she just came up to me and asked me if I had any interest in it. I didn’t at first, but she showed me the possibilities - where I could go with my Māori. If it wasn’t for her encouraging me to learn mylanguage, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

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