Mere V2

Mere Berryman

Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāti Awa, Ngāti Whare
Professor | Poutama Pounamu Director & Expert Partner
+64 27 589 4577

If we are to reap the benefits of Māori students fashioning and leading our future, and we must if our nation is to truly flourish, then ensuring the alignment of those in the academy and in the sector to step up, continues to be the imperative. This requires leaders who are able to weave (raranga) groups of people (tira) together in order to collaborate towards greater cohesion.

Rangatira therefore is the discursive position from which I am attempting to undertake this work. This means that unlike more traditional scholarship that sees the academia as a series of singular endeavours and successes, I understand it as being able to contribute to the success of others andknowing and acknowledging the strength of working together.

Therefore, like the Māori term for leader, rangatira and Freire’s writing I see my real strength and scholarship comes from “being with people”.

Elizabeth V2

Elizabeth Eley

Ngāti Pākehā, Scotland
Dip.Tchg, B.Ed, M.Ed
Poutama Pounamu Associate Director & Expert Partner
+64 22 067 1673

Through a lifetime in education, I have not lost my commitment to doing all we can to reach New Zealand’s vision for education: to lift aspirations, raise educational achievement for every New Zealander. Our role as educators is to ensure that every student enjoys and achieves educational success, strong and secure in their cultural identity.

I have extensive experience across the education system, including primary and secondary schools - in teaching and leadership roles, the Education Review Office and the Ministry of Education.

I am proud to be part of the Poutama Pounamu whānau – committed to excellence, equity and belonging for all.

Margaret V2

Margaret Egan

Pākehā/ New Zealand European of Irish and Scots descent
Dip.Tchg. MSc(Hons), PGDip.Ed Leadership
Expert Partner & Accredited Facilitator
+64 27 704 9720

Our capacity is boundless when our curiosity is sparked, we are challenged beyond our comfort zone, we see familiar things from another perspective, we can connect our learning to who we are and what we know, we learn with and from others. Ki te kore koe e hoe i tō waka, if we don’t continue to challenge ourselves with questioning, reflecting and developing new skills, new ways of being and responding, kāore tō waka e tū, ka hoki whakamuri, we won’t just stand still, we will go backwards.

Beginning my career as a science teacher, I have been a dean, head of department and deputy principal in secondary schools.

I strive to be a culturally responsive educator and leader who works collaboratively to transform learning contexts and systems to promote a more socially just, equitable and bicultural Aotearoa.

Therese V2

Therese Ford

Ngāi Takoto, Ngāti Pākehā
Dip.Tchg, B.Ed, PGDip.Ed Leadership, M.Ed Leadership
Expert Partner & Accredited Facilitator
+64 27 448 8949

I am a passionate educator who is committed to developing a high-performing education system that reflects equity and quality outcomes for all learners. Accordingly, social justice is a moral imperative that has underpinned my work as a teacher and a senior leader in both primary and secondary school settings.

The sense of personal and professional responsibility I feel to reduce disparities between Māori and non-Māori students informed my decision to join the Te Kotahitanga Professional Development Team as a Professional Development Specialist in 2011.

Since 2014 I have worked as Academic Director and facilitator in Kia Eke Panuku: Building on Success where I have continued to focus on equity and quality education outcomes for all learners, with a particular focus on Māori students.

Dawn V2

Dawn Lawrence

Tauiwi from Essex, England
Dip.Tchg, PGDip, M.Ed(First Class Hons)
Accredited Facilitator
+64 22 010 2883

As tauiwi I believe I have a responsibility to contribute to the vision of partnership given voice within Te Tiriti o Waitangi. As an educator I actively seek to realise this through working to ensure social justice, equity and culturally responsive ways of being are at the heart of our education system.

I have worked in the secondary sector since 1995 as a teacher, middle leader, a school based professional development facilitator, a member of the Te Kotahitanga Research and Professional Development team at The University of Waikato, and as an Academic Director and kaitoro / facilitator within Kia Eke Panuku: Building on Success at the University of Auckland.

Iti V2

Iti Joyce

Ngāpuhi, Tainui
Dip.Tchg, BLS, PGDip, M.Ed(First Class Hons)
Accredited Facilitator
+64 22 067 1589

I am passionate in ensuring we deliver a socially just education system that reflects equity, equality and social justice. This moral imperative previously led me in my professional capacity to become the lead facilitator of Te Kotahitanga in a large secondary school.

In 2006 I then joined the Te Kotahitanga Research and Professional Development team as a regional coordinator to provide professional development for teachers and leaders in schools.

Since 2014 I have worked as a team leader and kaitoro in Kia Eke Panuku, where I continue to focus on equitable outcomes for all learners with a particular focus on Māori students.

Raewyn V2

Raewyn Ngaamo

Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngā Pui, Ngatai Pakeha
Expert Partner & Accredited Facilitator
+64 27 510 8191

I believe in an education system where there are equitable outcomes for all.

I have worked towards this goal in each of my roles throughout my career - from Primary school through to secondary school teaching, striving to develop teams and individuals who can make a positive difference in education. I have developed a deep working knowledge of what it takes to support schools through my involvement in Te Kotahitanga from 2001 as a participating teacher, then as an in-school facilitator, and subsequently as an external advisor with Team Solutions.

In 2009 I worked as a secondary education advisor in Māori achievement with UC Education Plus (University of Canterbury). In 2010 I joined the Ministry of Education as a Student Achievement Function Practitioner. Recently I have worked as a kaitoro/ facilitator for Kia Eke Panuku and now continue this important kaupapa through Waikato University.

Robbie V2

Robbie Lamont

Ngāti Pākehā
Dip.Tchg, PGDip(SNRT), M.Ed(Hons)
Accredited Facilitator
+64 21 791 503

My passion for supporting teachers and school leaders to understand and implement culturally responsive pedagogy stems from the belief that every child who walks through the school gate, no matter where they are, has the right to an education that supports them to pursue their potential.

As Pākehā I believe I have a responsibility to contribute through bi-cultural partnership to realising the intent of the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, in our schools and in our society. Since 2005 my professional role has been focused in the secondary sector, as a member of Te Kotahitanga team based at Waikato University from 2007 – 2014, and most recently as a member of the leadership team and as a PLD facilitator with Kia Eke Panuku: Building on Success.

I began my journey in education in the primary sector and am excited at the possibility of contributing what I have learned over the last 12 years to support and benefit students, teachers and school leaders in primary schools.

Alex Cropped V2

Alex Hotere-Barnes

Pākehā New Zealander
MA (Hons), Te Pīnakitanga ki te Reo Kairangi
Expert Partner & Accredited Facilitator
+64 27 309 2977

“Whakamatauria te mātauranga hei whakairo i ō whakaaro.” - Eruera Manuera.

I am a fifth generation bilingual Pākehā New Zealander. I was raised in Tauranga Moana within the kaupapa Māori educational movement. I have affiliations to Ngāti Pūkenga, Ngai Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāti Pareraukawa. Through my wife’s whānau I affiliate to Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāi Wai, Te Aupōuri and Te Rarawa.

My background in educational research and evaluation has included work alongside whānau, hapū, iwi, schools, tertiary institutions, and the nonprofit and community sectors. I am interested in growing the critical theory and application of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in education specifically, and across New Zealand generally.

I have broad interests in education policy and systems change. As a critical qualitative researcher and evaluator, I work within the paradigms of critical theory, kaupapa Māori and developmental evaluation. Presently I work as an Expert Partner and facilitator in kura and Schools. I am passionate about understanding what structural elements improve family and whānau educational, environmental, social and cultural wellbeing.

My personal interests include: philosophy, languages, hip-hop, meditation, basketball, staying fit and healthy, and having a laugh!

Katie Penicott Crop V3

Katie Pennicott

Ngāti Porou
Post Graduate Diploma in Education endorsed in Literacy University of Canterbury (Distinction) 1999 Bachelor of Education-Teaching Primary Bilingual Otago University
Accredited Facilitator
+64 21 104 1623

Ko Hikurangi te maunga,
Ko Waiapu te awa,
Ko Horouta te waka,
Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi.

I am a passionate, committed educator and an equally passionate, committed learner. Within my kete of experience sits curriculum development, assessment and use of data, effective deliberate professional acts, mentoring, change management, teaching as inquiry trans-language approaches towards bi-literacy, and a personal commitment to ongoing learning through postgraduate study.

At the heart of my practice is my moral purpose to address intergenerational educational disparities. This has underpinned my work as a teacher, school leader, postgraduate student, author, Kāhui Ako leader and as an accredited facilitator.

Johnson Davis Cropped

Johnson Davis

Dip.Tchg, B.Ed, PGDip.Ed (Distinction)
Accredited Facilitator
+64 21 109 8162

Ko Maungatautari te Maunga, ko Waihou te awa, ko Tainui te waka
Ko Raukawa ki te Kaokaoroa o Pātetere te rohe, te pae o Tapapa te whenua tapu
Ko Raukawa te iwi, ko Tūkorehe te hapū, ko Ruapeka te marae
Ko Rangimarie te wharenui. Tihei mauri ora ki a koutou katoa.

I am a highly dedicated and experienced educational leader committed to championing equity, excellence and belonging for all learners.

My senior leadership experience in primary and secondary settings, co-educational and Boys’ schools and recent tertiary study, ensures I have the relevant professional knowledge and expertise to support and make a difference.

My personal and professional commitment to equity, excellence and belonging is shaped by a range of leadership experiences. I have an unrelenting commitment and passion to ensure the guiding articles of honourable leadership, Māori agency and equity for all are realised for Māori learners and their diverse communities across the country.

Catherine Welham V2

Catherine Welham

BA, PGDip (Teaching and Learning), MA(Education)
Accredited Facilitator
+64 22 015 3571

Ko Matawhaura toku maunga,
ko Kaituna toku awa,

ko Te Arawa toku waka,
ko Ngāti Pikiao toku iwi,
ko Ngāti Te Rangiunuora me Ngāti Whakahemo oku hapū;
ko Taurua me Pukehina oku marae,
ko Catherine Welham ahau.

I have experience in schools both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and a key area of my work has involved leading innovation and change. I have worked alongside kāhui ako and school leaders to develop personalised PLD action plans that are inquiry-centred, driven by evidence and responsive to the contextual and situational factors within each setting.

I am a dedicated, life-long learner who searches for ways to challenge my own thinking and explore new ideas every day. I am potential-focused, relentlessly positive and culturally relational and responsive in my way of being. Committed to achieving equity, excellence and belonging for all learners, I am excited and encouraged by the shifts I have seen within schools and wider society.

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  • Lynette Bradman2 Cropped

    Lynette Bradnam

    Ngāti Kahungunu, Kai Tahu, Rangitāne
    DipTchg, MEd Māori Education
    Māori & English Medium Facilitator
    +64 27 212 8000

    Ko Ngāti Kahungunu, Rangitāne, Kai Tahu ōku iwi. He uri ahau o te whānau Ropiha, Stirling hoki.
    I am Hākui to a couple of gorgeous moko, who are the centre of my Universe. I also have three beautiful tamariki, who were all educated in Rumaki and all experienced a range of successes in the education.

    Based on my own experience as a learner, I have been seeking to understand how we can ensure the education journey can better meet the needs of Māori so they can fully participate in Te Ao Māori, Te Ao Pākeha and Te Ao Whānui.

    Melissa Young Cropped

    Melissa Young

    Dip Tchg, BEd, PGDipEd
    Accredited Facilitator
    +64 27 411 5000

    Listening to the life stories of my grandparents continues to nurture me, lining my belly with who we are. Through family, my cultural identity continues to grow as a Pākehā New Zealand European with ancestry of Scots, Irish, English and French descent. Te Tiriti o Waitangi is the gift and reason my family are able to be here in Āotearoa, for which I am grateful. We believe in ever-deepening our understandings in social justice and Kaupapa Māori, conscious of the kind of world and ways of relating we want to hand on to our next generations.

    The current professional learning support I am involved in means working alongside leaders of Kāhui Ako throughout Āotearoa to ensure each learner’s prior knowledge and experience is valued and the rights of all learners, Māori (iwi) and non-Māori (Pākehā and Tauiwi) are upheld. Previous roles I have undertaken include: acting principal and deputy principal in a composite secondary school in Ōtautahi, facilitator in the kaupapa of Kia Eke Panuku and facilitator in the Secondary Student Achievement Contract.

    Currently, I am learning about the major interruption colonisation has constituted and continues to constitute to the ongoing generational development of Mātauranga Māori (iwi). As an English-medium educator, I believe I/we need to urgently understand our complicity in past, present and future interruptions to funds of Mātauranga Māori and learn how Pākehā/Western knowledge can become less dominant, leading to a rebalancing of knowledge funds our learners can benefit from. I believe trusting ourselves to have conversations about our complicity in unbalanced bi-culturalism, as well as our potential for decolonising and anti-racist actions, are essential for the well-being of our next generations.

    Sarah Johns Cropped

    Sarah Johns

    Pākehā New Zealander
    Bachelor of Resource Studies B.R.S and Dip.Tchg
    Accredited Facilitator
    +64 22 013 1897

    I believe I have a personal and professional responsibility to contribute to a socially just education system that reflects equity, excellence and belonging; and where both Treaty partners can enjoy the benefits that success in education offers.

    I have been an inquiring, committed Science teacher for 20 years, worked alongside Kāhui Ako and school leaders to develop action plans that are inquiry-centred, driven by evidence and responsive to factors within each setting. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with others to further develop educational leadership capabilities that will be required to underpin a biculturally capable, confident and connected teaching profession that is committed to equity and excellence for all our young people.

    I enjoy working collaboratively with other professionals to think and act strategically to improve outcomes for all learners. I value the development of trusting relationships and as I work alongside teachers I challenge, encourage and support them to continually build on their existing knowledge and skills in order to achieve our desired future; equity, excellence and belonging for all learners.

    Dee Reid2 Cropped

    Dee Reid

    Ngāti Kahu, Ngāti Kahungunu
    BSocSc, PGDipSecondaryEducation
    Māori & English Medium Facilitator
    +64 27 544 6189

    I am a dedicated and passionate educator who is dedicated to contributing to the development of a high-quality and high-performing education system.It’s imperative to me that such a system supports equity and excellence for all learners.

    I am motivated by a personal and professional responsibility to promote and activate equity and quality education outcomes for all learners, with a particular focus on Māori students.

    I have been involved in Professional Learning and Development since 2005 in both English and Māori medium. I joined the Poutama Pounamu team in 2017 where I have continued to focus on Māori potential and success in education. My key driver is Māori participation and contribution on a local, national and global platform, in Te Ao Māori, Te Ao Pākeha and Te Ao Whānui.

    Karley Wilks Forde Cropped

    Karley Wilks-Forde

    Ngāti Pākehā / Polish and Irish descent
    BA, DipGrad, Dip. Tchg
    Accredited Facilitator
    +64 22 014 6526

    Over the last twenty years, in my work as an English teacher, I have strived to create a classroom environment that is inclusive and equitable for all learners. As educators we need to be adaptable, flexible, connected and focused on the needs of our ākonga and their whānau. I genuinely enjoy people, listening to other points of view and connecting to people from a wide range of ages, cultures and backgrounds. It is important to me to continue learning and developing, both personally and professionally, in order to be able to make a genuine contribution to improving education for the next generation.

    To fully understand culture we must first be aware of our own cultural influences. My maternal grandparents came to Aotearoa as refugees after World War II. This has given me a small sense of what it is like to yearn for a sense of cultural belonging. We need to celebrate our differences, cherish our uniqueness and learn from and with each other.

    Ko tau rourou, ko tāku rourou, ka ora te iwi e.
    To me this is vital as we must come together and share what we have for us to thrive as a society.

    Mary Stubbings Cropped

    Mary Stubbings

    Ngāti Pakeha
    Bachelor Teaching and Learning, Diploma Children’s Lit
    Accredited Facilitator
    +64 22 013 5002

    I believe that we must create caring, safe and culturally responsive classrooms that optimize learning and address racism and equity issues for Maori and for all. I have experience at the ‘coalface’ from year one to year 13 and at middle management and senior leadership levels.

    My experience as a lead facilitator of Te Kotahitanga for Wairoa College, a lead coach for PB4L at Flaxmere College and as an across schools teacher for the Te Waka o Māramatanga kāhui has helped me to support schools in their quest to create positive learning environments with equitable outcomes.

    Central to my philosophy is that we as educators must build strong relationships in our learning environments that value the student as a cultural being where they can enjoy and achieve success knowing that their ideas and knowledge are valued.

    Claire Ofee Photo Cropped

    Claire O'Fee

    +64 22 032 6711

    Ko Taratara te maunga, ko Kaeo te awa, ko Whangaroa te moana, ko Mataatua te waka
    Ko Ngāpuhi tōku iwi, ko Ngāti Rua tōku hapū, ko Taupo Bay tōku marae

    I aspire to live in a country where all people experience equity, excellence and belonging, in all facets of their lives. Research and evidence show that this work makes a difference for Māori learner's experiences in education, while reaching other students at the same time. I am passionate about creating educational futures for our students where they can completely be themselves, enjoying success as who they are.

    My journey as a learner began at Kawerau South School and still continues today. My journey as an educator began at Penrose High School, in Auckland. I have been a secondary school teacher of physical education and health, dance and drama, a dean, a teacher in charge of dance curriculum, an in-school facilitator for Te Kotahitanga, NZQA panel leader and materials reviewer and a Deputy Principal. In my work with schools and Communities of Learning, my aim is to allow staff to bring themselves to the table so we might build new knowledge together and move closer to equity, excellence and belonging for all.

    Donna Fengewisch Cropped

    Donna Fengewisch

    +64 27 544 5680